Algae Centrifuge for Algae Harvesting

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Algae Centrifuge for Algae Harvesting

See our line of top quality Algae Centrifuges from 2000 to 10,000 G!

Special open bowls or manual discharge, get the best centrifuges at the best prices, only at US Filtermaxx!

Algae harvesting is simple with a US Filtermaxx Algae Centrifuge. Special open bowls allow for maximum algae collection and easy removal . Use our 120 volt 2400 G algae centrifuge for great results on a budget! Step up to the 3000 G algae centrifuge to increase the power or use the ultimate Algae Centriufge, our variable speed algae centrifuge that is continously variable from 2000 G to 10,000 G making it the most powerful centrifuge avaliable. We don't use shearing fins or accelerators but instead have a smooth input at the bottom edge of the bowl right at the water surface. Cell wall breakage is virtually nonexistent.

Growing Algae for Harvesting with US Filtermaxx Centrifuge

Start new culures from centrifuged Algae!

US Filtermaxx High Speed Algae Centrifuges outperform all other algae centrifuges including more expensive Evedos centrifuges, for a fraction of the cost! Larger scale operations can use our solid bowl algae centrifuge or the bag type algae centrifuge. If you are harvesting algae, then you need a US Filtermaxx Algae Centrifuge!

Live Algae Paste from US Filtermaxx Algae Centrifuge

US Filtermaxx Produces Live Algae Paste with Peanut Butter Consistency