WMO Centrifuge - Waste Motor Oil Centrifuge

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WMO Centrifuge - Waste Motor Oil Centrifuge

WMO Centrifuges - Waste Motor Oil Centrifuges: Superior engineering behind every US Filtermaxx Waste Motor Oil Centrifuge produces the best high speed WMO centrifuge available. No other WMO centrifuge can come close to the power, durability, simplicity and ease of operation of a US Filtermaxx WMO Centrifuge.  US filtermaxx makes the most powerful waste motor oil centrifuge available when you need the best in oil filtration.

The high speed 2400G  120 volt “home owner” WMO Centrifuge produces excellent results when  cleaning and dewatering Waste Motor Oil, dewatering biodiesel, or for general WMO filtration.  With a 98% single pass efficiency; the US Filtermaxx WMO centrifuge easily filters submicron particles other waste oil centrifuges leave behind.  Get the best waste motor oil centrifuge at US Filtermaxx.

Step up to the 3000G WMO Centrifuge, our standard industrial workhorse, for even more waste motor oil filtration power.  The 3000G WMO Centrifuge is ideal for both small and large waste motor oil filtration operations and commercial operation often use banks of 4 or 6 units running in parallel. The 3000G easily removes particulates and dewaters WMO in a single pass allowing your filtered WMO to meet boiler and burner standards or run in your diesel equipment.  You will be shocked to see what is in your waste motor oil. Use a waste motor oil centrifuge to clean all  of your waste motor oil.

If you are looking for an ultra-high speed waste motor oil centrifuge, then the 10,000G WMO centrifuge is the ultimate centrifugal oil filtration system.  With a 99.6% oil filtration efficiency, the fully adjustable speed allows you to fine tune the G force from 2000 G all the way to 10,000 G for the ultimate WMO Centrifuge filtration system.

You can buy a cheaper WMO Centrifuge, but you cannot buy a better WMO centrifuge.  Don't risk ruining your engine by running a cheap WMO centrifuge. 

*lab test: Used Diesel Crankcase oil before WMO centrifuge: 44,364 particulates per ml. After the WMO Centrifuge: 160 particulates per ml, A 99.6% removal rate.