Centrifuge Applications

Here we list some possible applications of the US Filtermaxx Centrifuge. Centrifugal clarification provides a tremendous benefit in several industries.

Manual & Automatic  Liquid-Liquid-Solid Centrifugal Separators

To separate liquids-solids and clean a liquid, it is pumped into the US Filtermaxx centrifuge where it is subjected to up to 6000 times the force of gravity or “6000G.” The fluid typically separates into a heavy phase (water) and a light phase (oil). The water sinks to the outer wall of the bowl and the oil is discharged from the “clean” output port. The water retained in the bowl is periodically discharged through the sludge port.  Solids are separated and drained in the slurry state or deposited in the bowl for easy removal by scraping.

Process Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Press Oils, Wire Drawing Lubricants.

Industrial oils are easily cleaned and de-watered, improving their performance and greatly extending the life of the oil, thereby reducing disposal / replacement cost.

Cutting Oils, Grinding Fluids, Glass and Stone

US Filtermaxx centrifuges remove solids from cutting and grinding oils.

Diesel Fuel Polishing:

US Filtermaxx centrifuges remove dirt, water and algae from diesel fuel.

Alternative Energy - Waste Oil Cleaning:

Waste Vegetable Oil, WVO and Waste Motor Oil WMO, are effectively cleaned with the US Filtermaxx Centrifuge.  WMO may be blended and reused in crankcase and fuel applications. WVO may be used as a base for pet foods, fuel or  as feed stock in biodiesel processors.

Black Diesel

US Filtermaxx is the number 1 choice for cleaning black diesel.

Biodiesel Centrifuge Applications:

US Filtermaxx centrifuge equipment quickly clean WVO feedstock and separate free glycerin and water from finished biodiesel, dramatically increasing production capacity and reducing process time compared to several days generally required for settling.  Our centrifuge systems reduce production costs and increase productivity for a rapid return on investment for biodiesel processors wanting to improve production capacity.

Algae Collection, Dewatering, Harvesting, Drying and Separation

Use a US Filtermaxx Centrifuge for a variety of algae harvesting and algae biomass concentration from bioreactors, ponds and waste processing systems. Dewater the algae for various purposes including alternative energy, algae biodiesel research / production, drying algae oil and herbal extracts.

Yeast Extraction:

US Filtermaxx may be used for yeast extraction.