Perforated Bowl Bag Centrifuge Maximize

Algae Centrifuge with Perforated Bowl and Filterbag

Use this high capacity bag centrfiuge to collect algae in a removable bag!

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Algae Centrifuge perforated bowl

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This powerful 3 hp perforated bowl centrifuge comes with your choice of bag from 5 to 100 micron that are used inside the bowl to collect algae solids. When your algae cake is thick and dry enough, you stop the centrifuge and remove the bag. Great for removing small  algae particles from suspension. Large 17.75 inch diameter bowl generates 1250 G's.

  • Large capacity bowl
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Powerful 3 hp NEMA frame motor. (NEMA frames are the US Standard)
  • 1 or 3 phase available (240 volts 1 phase- 208-230 / 460 volts 3 phase)
  • 3 phase 230 volts 4 amps no load 8 amps full load
  • Overload breaker on motor
  • Spindle Brake stops bowl quickly (long handle with red knob)
  • 1 1/4 inch diameter input
  • Floor Space 3 feet wide, 4 feet deep, 36 iiches to the top of the input hose barb.
  • Belt Drive
  • Filter bag included!
  • 790 pounds shipping weight.
  • Ships by Motor Freight


Perforated bowl bag centrifuges are three-column top discharge, batch operation filtrating equipment for removal and drying fo solids from liquid suspensions.

Operation: Material is fed into the rotating drum through the input port on the top.  Due to centrifugal force,  the liquid-phase passes through the bowl and bag filter and is discharged out of the bottom of the machine.The solid-phase material is retained inside bag in the drum as a built up cake. The cake is then spun as required for proper dryness. After the centrifuge is stopped, the cake is removed fthrough the top of the machine.