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Centrifuge Controllers Manual

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Economy Controller

The Economy Controller is preset for operation upon arrival. The motor circuit requires a 20 amp 240 volt input. The auxiliary circuit is 15 amps at 120 volts. The cycle time may be adjusted by using the up and down keys.

Deluxe Controller

The Deluxe Controller is preset for operation upon arrival. The only adjustments that may be required are the Total Run Time or the Temperature. These values are changed by using the up and down keys on the front of the device. To retain a new set temperature in memory, press the set key on the temperature controller.  Units with 120 volt single heaters, the temperature is set for 65.6 °C or 150 °F.  Units with 240 volt dual heaters are set for 100 °C or 212 °F.

Variable Speed Controllers

See Variable Speed Unit section below for G-force vs Hz and additional information.

Electric Ball Valve

The Electric Ball Valve is wired into the power input leads inside the motor box for 230-240 volt circuits.  For variable speed: Black = (L1 Red = L2). For single phase: (black and yellow = L1, Red white and blue = L2) When the motor is energized, the ball valve will open. When the motor power is off, the ball valve will close. For 230/460 volt controllers, the valve plugs into the connector located on the face of the controller.  The electric ball valve is installed BEFORE the heater. Use no valve after the heater. The heater output must remain open to prevent pressure rise in the unit.
The heater should be filled with oil before it is energized. The oil cools the element and prevents the oil from flowing over and burning on a hot element. Typical flow rate is 15 gallons per hour or 1 quart per minute. This flow may be varied as required after the unit is running and up to temperature. Add an inline ball valve BEFORE the heater to adjust the flow rate. The element is rated to run dry without damage had has a lifetime replacement warranty.  

On deluxe units, set the TOTAL RUN TIME so that the centrifuge stops before the oil supply runs out to prevent the heater from running dry. Dry running will not damage the lifetime warranty heater element.

Electrical Requirements

Centrifuge Motor Circuit

The motor circuit requires 20 amp at 220-240 volt.

In-line Heaters

The single heater circuit requires 15 amp at 120 volt.

The dual heater circuit requires 15 amp at 240 volt.

Variable Speed Unit

1-phase Configuration

To configure the variable speed unit for 1-phase input, use black and red power inputs.

3-phase Configuration

To configure the variable speed unit for 3-phase input, use black, white and red power inputs.

6000+G Centrifuge Operation

Start and Stop Centrifuge Using Toggle switch above the green variable speed potentiometer.

  1. Power up the motor driver. The motor driver takes 20-30 seconds to charge the capacitors and boot.
  2. When boot is complete, toogle the run switch on the remote to start.
  3. You may adjust the speed using the potentiometer knob on the remote.
  4. Toggle the run switch to stop the motor. DO NOT TURN OFF POWER UNTIL THE CENTRIFUGE HAS STOPPED. Cutting the power before then will burn up the motor driver as it tries to compensate for the low voltage.
  5. Power down the complete system.

G-force Versus Hz

Variable Speed Centrifuge

2000 49.1
2400 54.0
3000 60.0
4000 69.0
5000 77.0
6000 84.5


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