WVO Centrifuge - Waste Vegetable Oil Centrifuge

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WVO Centrifuge - Waste Vegetable Oil Centrifuge

Superior engineering behind every WVO Centrifuge by US Filtermaxx produces the best high speed WVO centrifuge available. No other WVO centrifuge can come close to the power, durability, simplicity and ease of operation of a US Filtermaxx WVO Centrifuge. US Filtermaxx builds the most powerful centrifuge available for all of your WVO filtration needs.

The high speed 2400G  120 volt “home owner” WVO Centrifuge produces excellent results when dewatering WVO, dewatering biodiesel, or for general WVO filtration.  With a 98% single pass efficiency; the US Filtermaxx WVO centrifuge easily filters submicron particles other waste oil centrifuges leave behind.  

Step up to the 3000G WVO Centrifuge, our standard industrial workhorse, for even more waste vegetable oil filtration power.  The 3000G WVO Centrifuge is ideal for both small and large waste vegetable oil filtration systems. Increase the quality, clarity and throughput of your biodiesel processor  by removing particulates, methanol, glycerin and dewatering in a single pass. You can skip the settling process and go straight to centrifuge. Users typically see over 500% reduction in water, glycerin and soap even on settled biodiesel*. You will be shocked to see what you have been leaving in your biodiesel. 

If you are looking for an ultra-high speed centrifuge, then the 10,000G WVO centrifuge system is the answer. Fully adjustable speed allows you to fine tune the G force from 2000 G all the way to 10,000 G for the ultimate WVO Centrifuge filtration system.

You can buy a cheaper WVO Centrifuge, but you cannot buy a better WVO centrifugeGet your's Today!

*lab test: Biodiesel settled 24 hours tested 5000 ppm total contaminates. After using the 3000G WVO centrifuge at 40GPH the biodiesel tested 800ppm.