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Algae Centrifuge for Algae Harvesting 3000 G

3000G force algae centrifuge has 2.5 times the power and is five times larger than a typical Algae Centrifuge, the US filtermaxx Algae Centrifuge out performs all other small algae centrifuges on the market. Get started with your US Filtermaxx Algae Centrifuge today!


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Algae Centrifuge 3000G


If your algae centrifuge is too small and too slow then step up to a US Filtermaxx Algae Centrifuge. Get even more power with a 3000G Algae Centrifuge for even faster algae harvesting! Size? why settle for only 0.47 liter of algae that other centrifuges can collect when you can harvest 2.7 liters of algae paste in one bowl!

There's no comparison between a US Filtermaxx algae centrifuge and other small algae centrifuges. Collect  nearly 5 1/2 times as much algae in half the time. At US Filtermaxx, we don't build the cheapest algae centrifuge, we build the best algae centrifuge. Our large open bowls are big enough to get your hand into for easy algae removal.

You can turn this:

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With a US Filtermaxx Algae Centrifuge! 

  • 3000 G
  • 1.5 hp 240 volts
  • 2.7 liter algae capacity
  • smooth bottom feed
  • large open bowl
  • fast
  • efficient
  • Free Shipping! Get yours today!