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High Speed Algae Centrifuge 10,000 G!

Our high Speed 10,000G bench top centrifuge is great for filtering and separating algae from water and  algae harvesting. Small enough to be portable, big enough to filter a "tote" in an 8 hours or up to 1000 gallons in a day!


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A true industrial workhorse, the  10,000 G Algae Harvesting Centrifuge produces 8.3 times the power of a direct drive centrifuge for REAL one pass cleaning. Typical flow rate for algae is 25 to 40+ gallons per hour. The US Filtermaxx Algae Filtration System  produces the best cake possible of all centrifuges on the market!*  You can't beat a US Filtermaxx Biodiesel Centrifuge Algae filtration!  

At  8500 RPM, the US Filtermaxx Algae Centrifuge generates 10,000 G force for algae filtration below 1 micron for the maximum possible algae separation. 

Turn this:

Into this with a US Filtermaxx Algae Centrifuge!

Our Algae Centrifuge is built to last. Here at US Filtermaxx, our centrifuges are not made from the cheapest, thinnest aluminum castings possible. We don't skimp on the metal and our body castings are a full 1 inch thick for maximum safety, durability and smooth operation. Our belt drive Algae centrifuge is built like a tank and our 1800 RPM motor runs at half the speed of a direct drive algae centrifuge. Our Algae centrifuge will outlast five direct drive centrifuges, and this is demonstrated by US Filtermaxx centrifuges that are still in service after over 10 years of continuous operation!

If you expect the best in algae filtration, then you need a US Filtermaxx WVO- Biodiesel Centrifuge! The most powerful and dependable small industrial centrifuge on the market!

  • 240 to 1000 Gallons per day
  • 10,000 G
  • 8500 RPM Bowl
  • 4.3 minutes residence time @ 10 GPH
  • 2 hp Totally Enclossed Fan Cooled motor
  • 240 Volts
  • long Lasting 1800 RPM motor
  • Separate Centrifuge Spindle (NOT diredct drive)
  • Motor bearings are NOT exposed to contaminants.

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