US Filtermaxx Oil Cleaning Solutions

US Filtermaxx Oil Cleaning Solutions

Industrial Centrifuge and Pump Systems for WVO, WMO, Biodiesel, Industrial Oils and Algae.

Our engineering staff have degrees in Mechanical Engineering and are accredited including both ASME and ASTM CEUs. 

US Filtermaxx Oil Centrifuges are well suited for cleaning all types of oil including hydraulic oil, press oil, fuel oil, diesel, used motor oil, WVO, cutting and grinding oils, biodiesel,  black diesel, vegetable oil, and perfume oils. 

US Filtermaxx centrifuges offer superior filtering and are an economical alternative to other filtering systems.  With our extensive engineering background, US Filtermaxx has been designing, building and testing cost effective centrifuges since 2004. Our constant improvement program ensures that your centrifuge is the best available. US Filtermaxx Centrifuges are made in USA, built to last and provide a lifetime of service. We offer manual, heated, automatic and variable speed centrifuges in 1 and or 3 phase and a range of voltages.

For your convenience, we offer Transfermaxx WVO pumps, transfer pumps and centrifuge feed pumps. Oil heaters, drum heaters / band heaters, and diesel fuel filter heaters.

Our Video and Technical Downloads are updated periodically to help you in making informed decisions and assist in setting up your centrifuge filtering system.