US Filtermaxx 6000+G Centrifuge Maximize

10,000G Algae - Oil Centrifuge

The most powerful US Filtermaxx centrifuge without the programmable controller. Over 10,000 g's with variable speed controller.

A Favorite for Algae Collection!

More details

  • US Filtermaxx
  • Leeson
  • 1-phase 208-240 V
  • 3-phase 208-230 V
  • None
  • 1 Heater - 1500 W
  • No
  • Yes


US Filtermaxx  10,000G Features:

  • Our Most Powerful Centrifuge
  • Most Powerful Algae Centrifuge Available Anywhere!
  • Extreme Submicron Particulate Removal
  • Designed, made and tested in USA.
  • Custom builds for certain applications.
  • Soft start motor controller.
  • Forced Ventilation exhausts vapors released during processing waste oils or biodiesel. Prevents contamination of clean oil by water vapor and ventilates methanol vapors.
  • Clean oil and dirty oil are separated by an internal dam
  • Feed plate distributes oil evenly around circumference does not channel oil into a few small spots or use a wobbly cone.
  • 1.5 hp industrial electric motor.
  • Universal Input 1 or 3 Phase 230 volts. May be wired 1 or 3 phase. 460 Volts special order.
  • Footprint fits on top of 55 gallon drum.
  • Belt overdrive system drives the high-speed rotor while the motor runs at 1800-2200 rpm for a quieter, cooler running, longer lasting centrifuge.
  • Large 1 gallon displacement bowl that filters 360 to 1000 gallons of oil per day.
  • 165 cubic inches sludge capacity.
  • Input ¼ inch NPT. Output 1¼ inch NPT.
  • Operating load is taken by 1-inch diameter spindle with replaceable bearings, not the motor bearings as with some other centrifuges.
  • Bowl is removed by the quick release spindle in less than a minute.
  • Heavy duty 1 inch thick aluminum centrifuge body for rigidity and minimal vibration.
  • Rotor is machined aircraft grade aluminum casting.
  • Machine weigh 130 pounds nominal.
  • 15 minutes from box to operation.
  • Automatic controller (optional) allows unit to cycle and drain sludge for unattended cleaning of up to 1000 gallons of oil per day!
  • Free shipping to the lower 48 states!