30 Foot by 1.25 Inch WVO Pump Suction Hose Kit Maximize

30 Foot by 1.25 Inch WVO Pump Suction Hose Kit

1.25 inch WVO Waste Oil Pump Suction Hose Kit.

  • High volume - 1.6 times the capacity of 1 inch hose!
  • Tough for durability
  • Clear hose for visiblilty.
  • Spiral wound to prevent collapse under high suction.
  • Rugged long lasting alumiun locking fittings.
  • Lightweight, for easy handling!
  • Pump oil like a pro with 30' of suction hose and quick hose connectors.

More details

  • 1.25" ID Hose, 1.25" NPT Fittings
  • 1" ID Hose, 1" NPT Fittings


Suction Hose: You get 30 feet of suction hose that has strong coils built in to prevent it from collapsing under vacuum. The clear hose allows you to see the liquid inside. This is what you need to quickly suck up oil.

Quick Connectors: You get 4 hose connectors, 2 male NPT connectors for the pump, and 2 femail NPT connectors for a pickup wand and collection tank. That is a total of 8 connectors and caps are included for all of them. The quick hose couplers allow you to securely connect and disconnect your hoses in just seconds. They are made out of aluminum to last a lifetime. Caps are included for these connectors so that you can securely cap off your pump, tank and hoses to prevent any liquid from leaking or entering during transportation and storage.

Hose / Fitting Size Options:

  • 1" ID hose, 1" NPT fittings
  • 1.25" ID hose, 1.25" NPT fittings


Depending on your application, you may also need pipe nipples and/or bushings, which are readily available at Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, and the like.

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