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High Speed Cylinder Centrifuge 160 GPH

Industrial High Speed Cylinder Centrifuge for clairifying liquids, oil water separation, coconut oil separation, hemp oil, avacado oil, dewatering, yeast, bacterial and protein extraction. 160 GPH

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US Filtermaxx High Speed Cylinder Centrifuge

The US Filtermaxx high speed cylinder centrifuge is used for three phase separation, typically separating difficult suspensions of two liquids with light concentrations of solid material and a small differential between specific gravities.  The centrifuge has an adjustable separating bowl The separation zone in the cylinder may be accurately controlled by use of three interchangeable separating rings of different diameters in the top of the cylinder for accurate separation of two liquids.  Input feed rate is controlled by 4 interchangeable nozzles in the bottom of the centrifuge body. Construction is 304 Stainless Steel. Varible speed, soft start, 230 volts1 or 3 phase input.

Typical applications include:  Coconut oil separation, oil water separation, avocado oil production, biodiesel, vegetable oil degumming, dewatering, protein extraction, plant and herb extraction, refining molasses, settlement of bacteria and yeast, separation of milk cream.


Bowl Speed:                   20,000 RPM

G Force:                           17,000G

Bowl Capacity:               .594 gallon,  2.25 liters

Throughput Water:       160 Gph   600 L/hr

Motor:                             2 HP,  1.5kW

Power:                             230 volts 1 or 3 phase

Weight:                           660 pounds

L 30   W 18  H  45

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