200,000 BTU Waste Oil Burner Maximize

200,000 BTU Waste Oil Burner with Compressor

Heat for free this winter using your waste oil!

Our Waste Oil Burner is On Sale! $200 off!

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200,000 BTU Waste Oil Burner

Availability: 3 weeks to ship


Don't dispose of you waste oil!  Turn it into heat and cut your utility bill!

Keep warm this winter for free when you use our new waste oil burner!

Our new waste oil burner isn't particular -  it burns various oils including: waste vegetable oil, waste motor oil, transmission fluid, heavy gear oil, synthetic oil, waste mineral spirits, hydraulic oil, diesel  and glycerin!

The heated feed pump keeps the heated burner feed tank full. The adjustable heater in the feed tank goes all the way to 250F to make even gear oil flow!

80,000 to 200,000 BTU Includes waste oil feed pump, oil heater, Siemans  controller, Danfloss igniter and  braided hoses.

  • 208 to 240 volts power input 150 watts * 120 volt converter is available for additional cost.
  • Includes heated automatic oil feed pump 
  • Includes heated oil tank with adjustable temperature
  • automatic purge cycle
  • Siemans microprocessor controller
  • Danfloss ignition circuit
  • Compressor mounted on Burner! No external air required!

See the Burner Manual Here,  Copy and Paste link:  http://usfiltermaxx.com/public/US_Filtermaxx_Oil_Burner.pdf



Normally $1795 now $1595  get one while they last!