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5 GPM Oil - Fuel Transfer Gear Pump with Internal Bypass

Pump oil with this 5 GPM Gear Oil Transfer Pump. Fill Your Equipment Tanks with everything from gas to gear oil. This one has the power to run all day long!

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  • Rolled Steel 56C
  • Cast Iron

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Use this 5 GPM electric gear pump to pump your oil through a final filter and into your equipment tank. Adjustable pressure. Maximum pressure is 250 psi. Available in single or three phase. Standard Motor Frames or Cast Iron. Internal bypass prevents pump damage. Great for diesel, WVO, hydraulic oil, motor oil ect. Built to last forever.

  • 3/4 NPT in and out.
  • 1.5 hp
  • one or three phase
  • Adjustable pressure relief.
  • Extremely Rugged Construction