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Number 2 Filter Bags

Bag Filters for your Filter Housing

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Welded Polyester Felt Filterbags for Hydraulic oil, Black Diesel, Biodiesel, WVO. Bags range from 400 micron to 1 micron.

Commonly Stocked sizes: Please state size on order.

  • 100 micron
  •   25 micron
  •   10 micron
  •    5 micron
  •    1 micron


 Chemcial Reisitance Chart   R= Recomended,  NR = Not Recommended

Chemical Product Polyester
60oF (15oC) 150oF (66oC)
Acetic Acid 0-25% (vinegar) R max 125
Acetic Acid 25-50% R NR
Alcohol - Butyl NR NR
Alcohol - Isopropyl max 150  
Alcohol - Isopropyl 100% NR NR
Alcohol - Secondary Butyl NR NR
Alum (Aluminum Sulfate) R R
Aluminum Chloride R max 120
Aluminum Potassium Sulfate R R
Ammonium Bicarbonate R NR
Ammonium Hydroxide 5% R NR
Ammonium Hydroxide 10% NR NR
Ammonium Hydroxide 20% NR NR
Ammonium Nitrate R R
Ammonium Persulfate NR NR
Ammonium Phosphate NR NR
Ammonium Sulfate R R
Barium Acetate NR NR
Barium Carbonate R NR
Barium Chloride R max 200
Barium Sulfate R R
Barium Sulfide NR NR
Beer R NR
Benzoic Acid R NR
Benzyl Alcohol NR NR
Butylene Glycol R R
Butyric Acid 0-50% R NR
Cadmium Chloride R NR
Calcium Bisulfate R R
Calcium Carbonate R NR
Calcium Chlorate R R
Calcium Chloride R R
Calcium Hydroxide R NR
Calcium Hypochlorite R NR
Calcium Nitrate R R
Calcium Sulfate R R
Calcium Sulfite R R
Caprylic Acid R NR
Carbon Dioxide R R
Carbon Monoxide R R
Carbonic Acid R R
Chlorine Dioxide/Air R NR
Chlorine - Dry Gas R NR
Chlorine, Wet Gas NR NR
Chlorine Water NR NR
Chloroacetic Acid 0-50% NR NR
Chromium Sulfate R R
Citric Acid R R
Coconut Oil R NR
Copper Chloride R R
Copper Cyanide NR NR
Copper Fluoride NR NR
Copper Nitrate R R
Copper Sulfate R R
Corn Oil R NR
Corn Starch-Slurry R NR
Corn Sugar R NR
Cottonseed Oil R NR
Crude Oil, Sour R NR
Crude Oil, Sweet R NR
Cyclohexane R NR
Di-Ammonium Phosphate NR NR
Dibutyl Ether NR NR
Diesel Fuel R NR
Diethylene Glycol R NR
Dimenthyl Phthalate NR NR
Dioctyl Phthalate NR NR
Dipropylene Glycol R NR
Ethylene Glycol R R
Fatty Acids R R
Ferric Chloride R R
Ferric Nitrate R R
Ferric Sulfate R R
Ferrous Chloride R R
Ferrous Nitrate R R
Ferrous Sulfate R R
Fluoboric Acid 10% NR NR
Fluosilicic Acid 0-20% NR NR
Formaldehyde R NR
Formic Acid 10% R NR
Fuel Oil R NR
Gas, Natural R NR
Gasoline, Auto R NR
Gasoline Aviation R NR
Gasoline, Ethyl R NR
Gasoline, Sour R NR
Glyconic, Acid R NR
Glucose R R
Glycerin R R
Glycol - Propylene R R
Glycolic Acid 70% R NR
Heptanes R NR
Hexane R NR
Hexalene Glycol R R
Hydraulic Fluid R NR
Hydrobromic Acid 0-25% R NR
Hydrocyanic Acid R NR
Hydrofluosilicic Acid 10% NR NR
Hydrogen Chloride, Wet Gas NR NR
Hydrogen Fluoride, Vapor R max 95
Hydrogen Peroxide 35% R max 120
Hydrogen Sulfide Dry R max 250
Hypochlorous Acid 0-10% R max 104
Isopropyl Palmitate R max 180
Kerosene R max 120
Lactic Acid R max 200
Lead Acetate R max 160
Magnesium Carbonate R max 160
Magnesium Chloride R max 220
Magnesium Nitrate R max 160
Magnesium Sulfate R max 200
Mercuric Chloride R max 212
Mercurous Chloride R max 212
Mineral Oils R max 180
Naphtha R R
Naphthalene R NR
Nickel Chloride R NR
Nickel Nitrate R R
Nickel Sulfate R R
Nitric Acid 0-5% R R
Octanoic Acid R NR
Oil, Sour Crude R R
Oil, Sweet Crude R R
Oleic Acid R R
Olive Oil R R
Oxalic Acid R R
Phosphoric Acid R R
Phosphoric Acid Fumes R R
Phosphorous Pentoxide R R
Phthalic Acid R R
Pickling Acids R R
Picric Acid, Alcoholic R R
Polyvinyl Acetate Latex R NR
Polyvinyl Alcohol R NR
Potassium Aluminum Sulfate R max 170
Potassium Bicarbonate R NR
Potassium Carbonate R NR
Potassium Chloride R R
Potassium Ferro cyanide R R
Potassium Nitrate R R
Potassium Permanganate R NR
Potassium Persulfate R NR
Potassium Sulfate R R
Pulp Paper Mill Effluent R NR
Pyridine NR NR
Silver Nitrate R R
Soaps R NR
Sodium Acetate R NR
Sodium Benzoate R NR
Sodium Bifluoride R NR
Sodium Bisulfate R R
Sodium Bisulfite R R
Sodium Bromide R R
Sodium Carbonate 0-25% R NR
Sodium Chlorate R NR
Sodium Chloride R NR
Sodium Chlorite 25% R NR
Sodium Cyanide R NR
Sodium Dichromate R R
Sodium Di-Phosphate R R
Sodium Ferricyanide R R
Sodium Hydroxide 0-5% R R
Sodium Hydrosulfide R NR
Sodium Hypochlorite R NR
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate R R
Sodium Mono-Phosphate R R
Sodium Nitrate R R
Sodium Silicate R NR
Sodium Sulfate R R
Sodium Sulfide R NR
Sodium Sulfite R NR
Sodium Tetraborate R R
Sodium Thiosulfate R NR
Sodium Tripolyphosphate R NR
Sodium Xylene Sulfonate R NR
Sodium Solutions R NR
Sodium Crude Oil R R
Soya Oil R R
Stannic Chloride R R
Stannous Chloride R R
Stearic Acid R R
Sugar, Beet and Cane Liquor R NR
Sugar, Sucrose R R
Sulfamic Acid R NR
Sulfated Detergents R NR
Sulfuric Acid 0-30% R R
Sulfuric Acid 30-50% NR NR
Sulfuric Acid 30-50% NR NR
Sulfuric Acid 50-70% R max 150
Sulfurous Acid 10% NR NR
Superphosphoric Acid R NR
Tall Oil R NR
Tannic Acid R NR
Tartaric Acid R R
Toluene NR NR
Trichloro Acetic Acid 50% R NR
Tridecylbenzene Sulfonate R NR
Trisodium Phosphate R NR
Urea R NR
Vegetable Oils R R
Vinegar R R
Water - Deionized R R
Water - Demineralized R R
Water - Distilled R R
Water - Fresh R R
Water - Salt R R
Water - Sea R R
White Liquor - Pulp Mill R NR
Xylene NR NR
Zinc Chlorate R R
Zinc Nitrate R R
Zinc Sulfate R R