Centrifuge Bowl Maximize

Centrifuge Bowl

These bowls have  stainless steel hardware and upgraded seals. They may be used in 2400G to 10,000G Centrifuges.Features a feed-plate, large capacity, drain holes and precision balancing. May be ordered with or without feed plate.

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High quality, precision balanced centrifuge bowl. Designed and manufactured by US Filtermaxx.

Feed-plate: The feed-plate of the US Filtermaxx centrifuge bowl feeds the oil to the bottom outer edge of the bowl in order to maximize the time spent and g-force experienced by the oil. This results in even oil distribution and better cleaning performance.

Large Capacity: The 11.25 inch diameter bowl has a capacity of 1 US gallon. A larger bowl allows it to hold more sediment between purges and provides ease of access.

Drain Holes: Three drain hole around the center of the bowl allow the sludge to drain when the centrifuge stops. The sludge then exits the centrifuge base through its own drain port.

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