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120 volt 150 watt Fuel and Oil Filter Heater for Automotive and Generator Use

Beat the cold this winter with our wrap around filter heaters. Our 150 watt fuel filter heater keeps your filter from waxing or gelling over night. Keeps oil filters hot for faster lubrication in cold weather. Essential for Emergency Generators!

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No more plugged filters and hard starts in cold weather! This 120 volt 150 watt filter heater not only keeps your fuel hot and ready to go, it also improves starting. Guaranteed to keep your filter from waxing or gelling over-night. Use with a timer to come on before you start in the morning or plug it in and leave it on for fast starting whenever you need it. Great for emergency generators too!

Heating Element

  • 120 volts, 1.25 amps
  • 5 inches by 11.75 inches