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Digital Temperature Controller

Accurately control your oil temperature with an in-line heater and more.

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  • 120 V, 1500 W *
  • 240 V, 3000 W **


The US Filtermaxx digital temperature controller allows you to accurately control your oil temperature with US Filtermaxx in-line heaters. It's easy to set the desired temperature using the digital keypad. The digital readout shows the set temperature and the measured temperature simultaneously. The controller uses a probe to sense the temperature and automatically cycle the heater element(s) to achieve the desired temperature. The on/off switch allows you easily turn the controller on and off.

Controller Configuration Options:

* 120V, 1500W:  Controller and heater operate on 120V. One (1) US Filtermaxx in-line heater is required for 1500W (sold separately).

** 240V, 3000W: Controller and heaters operate on 240V. Two (2) US Filtermaxx in-line heaters are required for 3000W (sold separately). This unit cannot be opperated with only one (1) heater.

The heater(s) are sold separately for your convenience. You may already have a US Filtermaxx in-line heater, or you could possibly use an alternative heater. US Filtermaxx in-line heaters have lifetime warranty heater elements that are rated to withstand dry firing.

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