In-line Oil Heater for WVO Waste Motor Oil Centrifuge Maximize

In-line Oil Heater for WVO Waste Motor Oil Centrifuge

Good cleaning requires hot oil. Use this in line Oil Centrifuge heater to maximize particulate and water removal.

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The best in-line oil heater available! Designed and manufactured by US Filtermaxx.

Not some scrawny oil heater, the US FIltermaxx bolt on heater is the largest available! Long folded element delivers gentle heat so that it does not burn your oil, yet gets hot enough to remove dissolved water. 1500 watts as a stand alone unit. Adjustable from 1200 to 2500 watts when combined with our Variable Heat Controller. You need solutions, US Filtermaxx has them!

US Filtermaxx Heater

  • Large 20" long heater readily mounts to the leg of a US Filtermaxx centrifuge
  • 1500 watts @ 120 volt in stand alone operation
  • Adjustable from 1200 watts to 2500 watts with variable heat controller!
  • Low watt density of 24 watts per inch prevents oil scortching
  • Lifetime warranty element - rated to withstand dry firing
  • 1/2" NPT inlet and outlet ports
  • 1/4" NPT temperature probe port


Use as standalone, or combine with a US Filtermaxx digital process heater or automatic centrifuge controller.

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