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Oil Transfer Pump WVO-WMO Gear Pump

Waste Oil Tranfer Pump - Massive helical gear pump for WVO. 1" NPT. Transfers light and heavy oils 24 gpm at 3400 rpm.

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Cold oil is no match for this heavy duty gear pump is built to transfer thick and heavy oils!

Industrial Pump for Fast Oil Transfer!

Portable Oil Transfer pump works great for WVO, Hydraulic Oil, Waste Oil, Diesel and More!

WCB75 Gear Pump:

  • 1 inch NPT inlet and outlet (for 1.25" ID hose)
  • Large 1.584 cubic inch displacement Cast Iron Pump
  • Heavy steel gears quickly transfer both light and heavy oils
  • Viton Seals
  • 11.5 lb net weight
  • Mounts on electric and gasoline motors with flex coupler
  • 14 mm shaft
  • 85 mm bolt circle

Flow Rates:
24 gpm @ 3400 rpm
15 gpm @ 2200 rpm
12 gpm @ 1750 rpm

Use quick connect couplers to attach your hoses in seconds! (sold separately)

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Mount  Your Pump on a Gas or Electric Motor!