6.5 HP Gas Powered WVO Waste Motor Oil Pump Maximize

30 GPM Gas Powered WVO Waste Motor Oil Pump

Move Oil Fast!

Use this Gasoline 6.5 HP WVO-Waste Motor Oil Pump!

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gas powered bypass oil pump

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Move up to 30 Gallons per Minute with this Powerful Gas Pump!

No more waiting around, this portable pump moves oil, Diesel, WVO, Biodiesel or Waste Motor Oil Fast!  Use with our high flow 1 inch hose and dispenser nozzles to transfer your fuel now! Adjustable pressure set for 48 PSI. Not for water or aqueous solutions. Ships with gaskets uncut over NPT ports to prevent dirt from entering. About 1 gallon per minute per 103 RPM.

  • 6.5 HP
  • Adjustable pressure relief set for 48 psi
  • 1 inch NPT ports
  • 17.5   GPM at 1800 rpm
  • 24      GPM at 2500 rpm
  • 28      GPM at 3000 rpm
  • 35      GPM at 3600 rpm

Due to weight, ships in multiple boxes. Some minor assembly required.