24 GPM Gas powered WVO Pump Maximize

24 GPM Gas powered WVO Waste Motor Oil Pump

This portable little pump ROCKS! Move Waste Motor Oil Fast with our 24 Gallon per Minute WVO Pump! Great for WVO, WMO, Diesel, hydraulic oil, lube oil and Biodiesel!

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gas powered oil pump 24 gpm

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No power? No problem with the US Filtermaxx Gas powered WVO Pump. At  24 gallons per minute youcan fill a tote in about 10 minutes.  A helical gear pump that is 36 pounds of pure muscle. This one really moves the oil and has enought power to keep pumping even in cold weather when other pumps fail. If you have to move oil, then you need this pump. This portable oil pump is super easy to use.Get one today!

  • 24 gallons per minute
  • 1 inch NPT in and out
  • Cast iron head with steel gears
  • 3 hp gas motor
  • portable oil pump