3000G Programmable Centrifuge Maximize

Automatic WVO Centrifuge, 3000G with Programmable Controller

The programmable 3000G US Filtermaxx WVO Centrifuge makes oil cleaning simple.

More details

  • US Filtermaxx
  • Leeson
  • 1-phase 208-240 V
  • 3-phase 208-230 V
  • None
  • 1 Heater - 1500 W
  • 2 Heaters - 3000 W
  • No
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes
  • Economy
  • Deluxe

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A true industrial workhorse, the  3000G WVO Centrifuge produces 2.5 times the power of a direct drive centrifuge for REAL one pass cleaning. Typical flow rate for WVO and biodiesel is from 10 to 40 gallons per hour. With a WVO residence time of nearly 4-1/2 minutes in the bowl, the US Filtermaxx Biodiesel Filtration System  produces the cleanest oil possible of all  centrifuges on the market!*  You can't beat a US Filtermaxx WVO Centrifuge for WVO filtration!  

At  5000 RPM, the US Filtermaxx WVO Centrifuge generates 3000 G force for waste vegetable oil filtration well below 1 micron for the cleanest waste vegetable oil fuel possible. 

Improve your throughput and cut cost by filtering your WVO before putting it into your biodiesel processor. Remove water, soap, and magnasol by polishing in your 3000G WVO Centrifuge.  

The US FIltermaxx WVO Centrifuge is force ventilated  to remove and prevent water and methanol vapors from condensing in your clean oil tank. Add a heater to your WVO centrifuge for even more extreme cleaning!

Our WVO Centrifuge is built to last. Here at US Filtermaxx, our centrifuges are not made from the cheapest, thinnest aluminum castings possible. We don't skimp on the metal and our body castings are a full 1 inch thick for maximum safety, durability and smooth operation. Our belt drive WVO centrifuge is built like a tank and our 1800 RPM motor runs at half the speed of a direct drive wvo centrifuge. Our WVO centrifuge will outlast five direct drive centrifuges, and this is demonstrated by US Filtermaxx centrifuges that are still in service after over 10 years of continuous operation!

If you expect the best in WVO filtration, then you need a US Filtermaxx WVO Centrifuge! The most powerful and dependable small industrial centrifuge on the market!

  • 240 to 1000 Gallons per day
  • 3000 G
  • 5000 RPM Bowl
  • 4.3 minutes residence time @ 10 GPH
  • 1.5 hp Totally Enclossed Fan Cooled motor
  • 240 Volts
  • long Lasting 1800 RPM motor
  • Seperate Centrifuge Spindle ( NOT diredct drive)
  • Motor bearings NOT exposed to WVO.

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Product Combinations

  • Baldor Motor can only be used with the 3-phase Electrical Configuration.
  • Leeson Motor can only be used with the 1-phase Electrical Configuration.
  • Economy Controller cannot have the Flow Sensor or 2 Heaters. It can have up to 1 heater.

US Filtermaxx 3000G Features:

  • Our Standard Centrifuge
  • Designed, made and tested in USA.
  • Submicron Particulate Removal
  • Forced Ventilation exhausts vapors released during processing waste oils or biodiesel. Prevents contamination of clean oil by water vapor and ventilates methanol vapors.
  • Clean oil and dirty oil are separated by an internal dam
  • Feed plate distributes oil evenly around circumference does not channel oil into a few small spots or use a wobbly cone.
  •  1.5 hp industrial electric motor.
  • 240V single phase or 3 phase 230V/460V pre-wired motors available.
  • Footprint fits on top of 55 gallon drum.
  • Belt overdrive system drives the high-speed rotor while the motor runs at 1800 rpm for a quieter, cooler running, longer lasting centrifuge.
  • Large 1 gallon displacement bowl that filters 360 to 1000 gallons of oil per day.
  • 165 cubic inches sludge capacity.
  • Input ¼ inch NPT. Output 1¼ inch NPT.
  • Operating load is taken by 1-inch diameter spindle with replaceable bearings, not the motor bearings as with some other centrifuges.
  • Bowl is removed by the quick release spindle in less than a minute.
  • Heavy duty 1 inch thick aluminum centrifuge body for rigidity and minimal vibration.
  • Rotor is machined aircraft grade aluminum casting.
  • Machine weight 120 pounds nominal.
  • 15 minutes from box to operation.
  • Automatic controller (optional) allows unit to cycle and drain sludge for unattended cleaning of up to 1000 gallons of oil per day!
  • Free shipping to the lower 48 states!