10,000 G Programmable WVO Centrifuge Maximize

Benchtop 10,000 G Programmable WVO Centrifuge

When you need the most powerful WVO centrifugal seperator available, you need the US Filtermaxx 10,000G WVO Centrifuge!

If you can't clean it with a US FIltermaxx, it can't be cleaned!


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WVO Centrifuge Benchtop 10K

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Get the job done with this 10,000G WVO Centrifuge built tough for stationary or mobile applications!

Great for tough  WVO oil filtration jobs! This high speed centrifuge will filter waste vegetable oil, filter waste motor oil, filter hydraulic oil, filter gear oil, dewater biodiesel, WVO, filter turbine oil and filter transmmion fluid.

Tune your variable speed WVO centrifuge from 2000G to 10,0000 G for the optimal combination of speed and flow for your waste vegetable oil centrifuge filtration system.

2 horsepower, variable speed, made in USA motor.

Fully Automatic for start and walk away operation.

Includes  electric ball valve, 3kW heater kit, flow sensor and mounts.

  • 10,000 G the most powerful centrifuge available.
  • Variable speed adjusts from 2000 G to 10,000G
  • 2hp
  • 3 kW heater kit
  • Flow sensor turns heaters off when there is no oil flow.
  • Programmable controller for start and walk away operation.
  • automatically dumps liquid sludge.
  • Vibration mounts included
  • 1/4 inch NPT input
  • 1-1/4inch NPT output
  • 3/4 inch NPT sludge drain


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