200 GPM Oil Transfer Pump Maximize

200 GPM Engine Driven Oil Transfer Pump

Gas Powered 200 GPM Waste Oil Transfer pump Transfers Oil and Fuel.

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Pump Oil with this 200 GPM gas powered Waste Oil Transfer Pump. 22 hp electric start V twin for plently of power to pump oil, pump diesel fuel, Pump waste oil or petroleum products. Flange for 3 inch pipe. 4 inch hose requred when pumping oil. Requires external fuel tank.  Ships motor freight. 290 pounds, 345 pounds shipping weight. 36 x 24 x 24 inches crate.

Bolt on 3 inch  NPT flanges availble.

4 inch MINIMUM HOSE SIZE FOR OIL Use of Smaller hose VOIDS warranty.


Gas powered oil Transfer pump 200 GPM