Heaters and Chillers

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Fuel Filter Heaters, Battery Heaters, 55 gallon Drum Heaters and more!

Beat the Cold with our line of silicon wrap around heaters to keep your fuel tanks and filters warm.

Keep your battery at full power with our battery heater pad!

US Filtermaxx has heating and cooling solutions for both oil cleaning and automotive applications.  Use our fuel and battery heaters for optimal cranking and running or inline centrifuge oil heaters for maximum oil cleaning. Heat your waste oil and WVO to 150+ degrees  for best cleaning.and maximum water removal. Our Flat Plate Heat Exchangers heat your oil for centrifugeing or burning in your engine. Use your engines heat to warm your oil on cold days or insert this flat pleat heater exchanger in line with your boiler water to get your process oil hot fast! Use them for cooling too! Use as a beer wart chiller. Use our Silicone Band Heaters for your biodiesel operation, thinning and settling your WVO, waste oil or hydraulic fluids. Our filter heaters keep your fuel and oil filters warm in cold weather and our battery heaters keep the voltage up for cold weather cranking when it is needed the most. At US Filtermaxx, we have solutions!